Alotech part of effort to remove anti-personnel mines

Alotech completes fabrication of assembly that will be part of equipment used to remove anti-personnel mines.

It is believed 60 to 70 millionWeight Bracket Final 1 mines are in place around the world. Just a handful of mines — or the mere suspicion that an area is mined — can make that land unusable for human activity. Every region in the world is mine-affected. More than 75 countries are affected to some degree by landmines and/or unexploded ordnance. Nobody knows how many mines are in the ground. But the actual number is less important than their impact. More than 350 different types of antipersonnel mines exist. Although millions of mines have been removed, landmines still injure or kill about 15,000 to 20,000 people every year. An estimated 80 percent of landmine victims are civilians; one-third of these are children. (Mineseeker Foundation)

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