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Alotech – Most Important Meeting in NC

“Goldston based Alotech celebrates expansion” by Mike Gates, Chatham News/Record, March 26, 2015.

Goldston-based Alotech celebrated its recently expanded frontiers with an open house last Wednesday, which included a tour of its 208,000 square-foot facility.

…..the highest praise came from NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, who attended the open house. “I think I’m at the most important meeting in North Carolina today,” Marshall said. “We’re talking about the future”

Alotech was not a company that was just getting by or hanging on, she went on to say. Instead, it was thriving and growing in the post-recession world.

Marshall added that she hopes other industries and companies would be inspired by Alotech’s model and would lead the way to a new wave of exports and a more prosperous Goldston, a more prosperous North Carolina and a more prosperous America.TK AM Sec Marshall

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VertiMax Raptor – manufactured by Alotech

VertiMax Raptor
Revolutionary Training with Portable Indoor/Outdoor Resistance

Developed and sold by VertiMax, the world leader in athletic training systems.



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NC Secretary of State celebrates with Alotech

NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall gave an excellent presentation at our open house on March 18. The event was held to celebrate our expansion in Goldston, NC and our new manufacturing & export program of VertiMax athletic training systems to China. Over 40 local & state dignitaries and economic development representatives were in attendance. Secretary Marshall told the group that “…this is the most important meeting that will take place in North Carolina today”. FC TK Sec Marshall

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A Time to Celebrate









There is nothing like the smell of chicken and steaks cooking on the grill, add baked potatoes, rolls, and a colorful salad only to be completed by a beautiful dessert table ~ you have a CELEBRATION!   Alotech, Inc. cheerfully hosted a Christmas luncheon for all of their employees!  Everyone enjoyed fellowship and camaraderie with peers plus delicious food prepared by our own chef, Travis Mayo.  Usually he works in the Eaton Department but took time away from his duties to carefully cook our feast!

With bellies full, many waddled out into the warehouse for a Cornhole Competition; prizes were given to the top 3 groups!  Brian Boisvert and Chris Prince (CP) took home the grand prize!  Congratulations to all!

Without the help of many, this event would not have been possible and Alotech would like to extend a special thank you to those who took the time out of their busy schedule to assist in making our day extraordinary!  Thank you!

We at Alotech, Inc would like to wish all of you and your families a happy and safe holiday season.

Merry Christmas!


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North Carolina Prototyping Services

Another area within Alotech’s contract manufacturing capabilities is prototyping and inventor services. Prototyping services are the perfect way to bring your designs to life for the purposes of development, proofs-of-concept, and more. At Alotech, we can even serve as our customers’ development partner for early-stage projects.

Interested in Alotech’s Prototyping Services? Click Here to Schedule a Free Prototyping Consultation or Call 919-883-4387 Now!

Product Development ServicesWe begin our process by composing and signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement to ensure total confidentiality and peace of mind to everyone involved in our collaboration. Then, we sit down with you for a client consultation meeting to discuss your product development goals and needs, and we determine whether or not our capabilities match your requirements. In the event that we are not the best fit for your needs, we will do our best to recommend your best course of action to make sure your product development needs are met elsewhere.

Alotech’s Prototyping Customers Enjoy Many Benefits, Including:

  • Customer-Specified Services
  • Full-Service Development Partner from Concept to Production
  • Faster Development Cycles
  • Flexible Development and Early Production Cost Structure

Capabilities of Alotech for Prototyping and Inventor Services Include:

  • Engineering Design Services
  • High Precision 3-D Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Flexible, Short-Run Production

Customers will also benefit from Alotech’s 3-D Scanning capability. Our cutting-edge 3-D scanner captures up to 2 million measurement points for a scanned subject, resulting in a precision of about 1.5 microns, or 0.00006 of one inch. Alotech is one of the few companies in North Carolina to have such a high-precision 3-D scanner.

3-D Scanning Applications Include:

  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Mold and Toolmaking
  • Design
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering

Click Here to Bring Your Product to Life with Alotech’s Prototyping Services or Call 919-883-4387 Now!

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Reverse Engineering – Serving Customer Needs

A west coast weapons manufacturer is relocating it’s operations to North Carolina. The customer had a requirement to outsource3d Solid Works hand guards for it’s match-quality AR rifle but they did not have any drawings of the part.AR15

Alotech used its 3-D scanner to capture every detail of a sample hand guard, with a precision of less than 1/1000 of an inch. This 3-D file was then used to correct some issues with the original manufacture, then the data was exported to an Alotech CNC machine where the parts are produced.

The customer enjoyed considerable savings by not having to use the original west coast supplier and has also seen an improvement in quality. Zero defects with Just-in-Time delivery!

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Alotech Builds System for Gardens in DC

SmithsonianSmithsonian GardensAlotech is honored to have been selected by to fabricate water treatment systems for harvested rainwater applications. The most recent project involved a skid-mounted system to be installed at a facility in Washington, DC to provide water for irrigation and fountain recirculation.

This skid features a controls system designed and built by Alotech to monitor onboard diagnostics and integrate with the facility garden water system.  The control system has a programmable touchscreen, and remote access capability via Internet connection. All components are skid-mounted, pre-wired, pre-piped, and sized to meet project parameters. It also includes a centrifugal separator and a bag filter for filtration, and an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.

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July 4th Family Day at Alotech

Games SlideAlotech Family Day was a great success this year. On July 1st, employees and their family members enjoyed a great meal of pulled pork BBQ and roasted chickens – hats off to Tommy and his team for the all night hog cooking!

Over 100 of the Alotech family enjoyed great food, fellowship and games. Especially popular was the water slide!


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Alotech Seeks Automation Technician & Machinist

To meet our expanding business, Alotech is seeking outstanding candidates for the positions of Automation Technician and Machinist.

These are full-time positions with benefits to include health, life and disability insurance, PTO and holidays.

To learn more about these opportunities, visit www.alotechinc.com/contact-us/careers/



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