Reverse Engineering – Serving Customer Needs

A west coast weapons manufacturer is relocating it’s operations to North Carolina. The customer had a requirement to outsource3d Solid Works hand guards for it’s match-quality AR rifle but they did not have any drawings of the part.AR15

Alotech used its 3-D scanner to capture every detail of a sample hand guard, with a precision of less than 1/1000 of an inch. This 3-D file was then used to correct some issues with the original manufacture, then the data was exported to an Alotech CNC machine where the parts are produced.

The customer enjoyed considerable savings by not having to use the original west coast supplier and has also seen an improvement in quality. Zero defects with Just-in-Time delivery!

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Alotech Builds System for Smithsonian

SmithsonianSmithsonian GardensAlotech is honored to have been selected by Aquanomix to fabricate water treatment systems for harvested rainwater applications. The most recent project involved a skid-mounted system to be installed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC to provide water for irrigation and fountain recirculation.

This skid features a controls system designed and built by Alotech to monitor onboard diagnostics and integrate with the facility garden water system.  The control system has a programmable touchscreen, and remote access capability via Internet connection. All components are skid-mounted, pre-wired, pre-piped, and sized to meet project parameters. It also includes a centrifugal separator and a bag filter for filtration, and an ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.

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July 4th Family Day at Alotech

Games SlideAlotech Family Day was a great success this year. On July 1st, employees and their family members enjoyed a great meal of pulled pork BBQ and roasted chickens – hats off to Tommy and his team for the all night hog cooking!

Over 100 of the Alotech family enjoyed great food, fellowship and games. Especially popular was the water slide!


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Alotech Seeks Automation Technician & Machinist

To meet our expanding business, Alotech is seeking outstanding candidates for the positions of Automation Technician and Machinist.

These are full-time positions with benefits to include health, life and disability insurance, PTO and holidays.

To learn more about these opportunities, visit



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Alotech Builds Assembly Line

Alotech has been selected by a major air tool manufacturer to design and fabricate a conveyor assembly line with multiple overhead tool and power connections. Our engineers designed the line to allow its fabrication to take place at our Sanford facility then installed in segments at the air tool plant. This workIR Work Stations combines our capabilities of automation, mechanical design, logistics and fabrication.

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NC Governor salutes son of Alotech engineer

Gov. Pat McCrory was in town Thursday night, along with the leaders of the state’s community college aJimmy Kiriknd public school systems, to congratulate a handful of local high school students. Included in the group was Jimmy Kirik, son of Alotech engineer Rich Kirik.

The eight teenagers who were honored are the first graduating class from an apprenticeship program between Caterpillar, Lee County Schools and Central Carolina Community College. The ceremony was held at the Caterpillar plant in the Lee County Industrial Park.

“Our country was made by men and women like this group to my left,” the governor said, pointing to the grads. “People who can make things.”

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Alotech 3D Scans for Telescope

EyecupAlotech is now providing 3D scanning and reverse engineering to Vernonscope, a manufacturer of astronomical accessories since 1958.

Now located in Raleigh, NC, Vernonscope is expanding their product line and has selected Alotech to provide new product development services.

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Alotech promotes STEM education

Alotech participated in an Aerospace and STEM roundtable discussion with Congressman George Holding on May 2nd. FranciLORD3 crops Chester joined 18 members from academia, government and industry at Lord Corporation’s global HQ in Cary, NC to discuss the need for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education to prepare the work force for advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Alotech VP elected to Sandhills Military Council

Francis Chester, V.P. of Alotech, Inc., a contract manufacturing company in Sanford, NC, has been elected to the board of directors of the SandhillSMC Logos Military Council (SMC). The purpose of the SMC is to connect citizens of the Sandhills region to the military in a unified effort. Members of the SMC consist of individuals and businesses located within the 5-county area (Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee and Moore counties) surrounding Fort Bragg.

SMC Objectives include:

  • Broaden the awareness of the military to the communities
  • Create social networking opportunities with Fort Bragg
  • Create an interface with Fort Bragg leadership
  • Support military families through events and activities

Chester also serves on the board of directors and is chairman of the manufacturing committee of the North Carolina Defense Business Association (NCDBA).

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Alotech completes rebuild of Humanitarian De-Mining Equipment

FinalAlotech has completed the rebuild of a large Humanitarian De-Mining Device. The scope of work involved manufacturing two new rotary “combs” each designed to carry six plow blades to unearth anti-personnel mines.

More than 75 countries are affected to some degree by landmines and/or unexploded ordnance. More than 350 different types of antipersonnel mines exist. Although millions of mines have been removed, landmines still injure or kill about 15,000 to 20,000 people every year. Alotech is proud to provide contract manufacturing services as part of this humanitarian program.

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