Remanufacture of Heavy Truck Driveline Components Market to Grow to $3.5 Billion by 2019.

The entry of advanced heavy truck powertrain systems to comply with new emission regulations will drive revClutchenue for the North American remanufactured replacement components market to $3.5 billion by 2019 (Frost & Sullivan). Alotech is excited to be part of this growth as it is the sole processor of remanufactured clutch parts in North America for Eaton Corporation.

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Alotech Designs & Builds Innovative Lifting Device

A Fortune 500 company turned to Alotech to design and build an innovative lifting device to maneuver a heavy component during the assembly of tracked construction equipment. The CAT Devicedevice was fabricated, load tested and powder-coated ready for delivery one week after approval of design. This is another example of Alotech’s ability to apply its engineering and fabrication skills to deliver innovative designs in an expedited manner with a focus on customer return on investment.

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Powertrain Remanufacturing

While a broad range of products and product components can be successfully remanufactured, we at Alotech specialize in remanufacturing powertrain components for heavy commercial vehicles including construction equipment, large cargo trucks, trains, and more.

Alotech Delivers Powertrain Remanufacturing for Commercial and Industrial OEM Clients

Remanufacturing Powertrains North CarolinaRemanufacturing involves complete disassembly of product cores followed by cleaning, component replacement or refurbishing, machining, and reassembly resulting in like-new quality products. This process is distinct from refurbishing or restoration operations which generally will simply return such product cores to basic operational condition. Alotech’s remanufactured products look and function as new OEM components, and include a favorable warranty. We specialize in providing these expert services for commercial and industrial clients looking to outsource their powertrain remanufacturing operations.

Rely on Alotech’s Expertise for Improved Profit Margins with Our Powertrain Remanufacturing Services

The term “powertrain” refers to all of the components in a vehicle which generate power and transfer that power to create forward motion. Such components include:

  • EnginesPowertrain Remanufacturing in North Carolina
  • Transmissions
  • Clutches
  • Torque Converters
  • Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Drive shafts
  • Differentials
  • Final Drives
  • Drive Wheels
  • Drive Tracks
  • Propellers
  • And More


An excellent example of our success in large commercial and industrial vehicle powertrain remanufacturing is our contract with Eaton Manufacturing in Charlotte, NC, the largest manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicle drivetrain components in North America. In 2005, Eaton outsourced their clutch remanufacturing to Alotech, enabling them to focus all of their resources in original production. Our expertise at Alotech has allowed us to deliver a higher yield from cores, improved quality, fewer defects, and ultimately increased profit margins. Our remanufactured Eaton clutches are returned to like-new condition and offered by Eaton for sale with an attractive warranty.

At Alotech, our powertrain remanufacturing services are the perfect choice for any manufacturer seeking to outsource their remanufacturing efforts.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your manufacturing operation.

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OEM Remanufacturing

At Alotech, we continue to be a leader of the remanufacturing industry. We take pride in being at the forefront of global remanufacturing efforts. We specialize in offering outsourced remanufacturing services to original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Alotech is Your Trusted Source for Remanufacturing of Industrial Machinery Components and Heavy Commercial Vehicle Component Remanufacturing

Oem RemanufacturingAs opposed to restoration and refurbishing processes, which generally seek to return used equipment to marginally functional condition, remanufacturing involves bringing used products (cores) back to “like new” condition that meets OEM specifications. This involves disassembly of the cores down to its component parts, which are then cleaned, inspected, and reconditioned. Any components that are not repairable are replaced with new components. Other components may be refinished or machined to restore them to new condition. The product is then reassembled and offered with a warranty that may equal OEM warranty.

Remanufactured components have the advantage of being less expensive than new components while providing similar quality, functionality and longevity. Remanufacturing also keeps components out of landfills, and eliminates the energy costs and environmental impacts of metal recycling. The idea is to recapture the value that was originally added to the raw materials in production rather than recycling the processed materials and having to manufacture the product from scratch.

Specialized OEM Remanufacturing for a Range of Clients and Components

RemanufacturingOur focus is moving toward OEM remanufacturing, which means that we aim to provide outsourced remanufacturing services directly for the companies who manufactured the original product. OEMs can benefit greatly from moving any in-house remanufacturing processes to Alotech, taking advantage of our mechanical design, reverse engineering, automation, and logistics capabilities while freeing up their resources to focus on new part production.

Our experienced and refined OEM remanufacturing processes improves yield from cores, reduces defects, and increases profit margins for our customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your manufacturing operation through our specialized outsourced OEM remanufacturing services.

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Alotech briefs government and military delegation from Botswana

Ambassador SeretseAlotech was one of two NC companies invited to meet with Ambassador Dr. Tebelelo Seretse and Military Liaison of Botswana, Colonel Bruce Thobane during the delegation’s visit to the North Carolina Emergency Operations Center last week. Francis Chester, VP of Sales and Marketing for Alotech presented options for water purification solutions for military and civil emergency applications in Botswana. Also attending the briefing were officers from the NC Army National Guard and a representative from the US Department of State.

MG Lusk, NCNG Adjutant General, Ambassador Seretse and Colonel Bruce Thobane. (U.S. Army National Guard Photo by Sgt. Leticia Samuels, North Carolina National Guard Public Affairs/Released)


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Jamaica Mission

Susan Cribbs has served as Alotech’s controller since 2007 and is a member of Turner’s Chapel Church here in Lee County. Last month, Susan joined 16 members of her church on a week-long mission at the Jamaica Deaf Village near Mandeville, Jamaica. This was the 19th year that Turner’s Chapel hasJamaica1 made this journey.

Susan’s group provided labor for the ongoing construction of the Conference and Retreat Center (CRC). Once finished it will be used to host church camps, retreats, weddings and meetings and can also be used for on-site and off-site catering and to house teams and ministry groups. This will provide employment to many deaf residents from Jamaica Deaf Village and from around Mandeville and Knockpatrick. It will also provide real world experience to those in the hospitality and food preparation vocational program at the Knockpatrick campus.

The 100 acre village is one of four locations supported by the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf whose mission is “To provide residential facilities that allows us to bring in the rural deaf that would otherwise not have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ or to a language, basic education or vocational training.”

For more information about the ongoing mission see

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Alotech part of effort to remove anti-personnel mines

Alotech completes fabrication of assembly that will be part of equipment used to remove anti-personnel mines.

It is believed 60 to 70 millionWeight Bracket Final 1 mines are in place around the world. Just a handful of mines — or the mere suspicion that an area is mined — can make that land unusable for human activity. Every region in the world is mine-affected. More than 75 countries are affected to some degree by landmines and/or unexploded ordnance. Nobody knows how many mines are in the ground. But the actual number is less important than their impact. More than 350 different types of antipersonnel mines exist. Although millions of mines have been removed, landmines still injure or kill about 15,000 to 20,000 people every year. An estimated 80 percent of landmine victims are civilians; one-third of these are children. (Mineseeker Foundation)

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Truck Component Testing

Yoke TestingAlotech automation specialists were tasked to design and build a testing system for a heavy truck drivetrain component. This proprietary system will be an additional quality control improvement and will allow our customer to improve yield on remanufactured assemblies.

The system is currently undergoing testing at Alotech’s Sanford NC facility prior to installation at the customer’s assembly plant.

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Automation Retooling Saves Customer $25,000 per Month.

Alotech was asked to prepare a solution for a customer who was experiencing a problem with cell wrap tooling. Each time the customer introduced a new product, new cello wrap tooling was required. This tooling had an 8 week delivery time and did not work without modification in 80% of the caseProduction Lines.

Raleigh Automation

Alotech worked with the customer’s engineers and mechanics to design the tooling such that the lead time was reduced by 2 weeks and the tooling worked out of the box with no required modifications. The cost of Alotech’s tooling solution was $700 less per set than they were paying previously. Because the solution also provided a 20% increase in productivity, the customer enjoyed an additional savings of $25,000/month with zero capital expense.

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Alotech’s Automation Customer to Save $3 Million a Year.

A major tobacco company faced a requirement for expanded bar-code marking of product cases. Modifying the existing production line process would have required a very large investment and would have involved an interruption of production. Bar Code

Alotech’s solution saves Alotech’s customer $0.56 per box which amounts to a savings of about $8, 000 per day. With a capital expense of $209,000, Alotech’s customer has a payback of 26 days. After the payback period, the customer will save almost $3 million per year.

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