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Expand your product sales without sacrificing equity. It's time to think about creative alternative investments by the manufacturing masters at Alotech.

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Located in North Carolina, Alotech, Inc. works with US inventors, entrepreneurs and product marketeers to create unique, innovative processes and designs with a laser focus on the customer’s return on investment. We are the only contract manufacturer you will find that provides a full bundle of unique capabilities to take a product to market from business model development, prototyping, product machining, design, reverse engineering, and remanufacturing to product development, contract manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics. Our goal is to improve quality and production volume, decrease defects, and enhance ROI by providing creative, alternative investments into inventory and product development to help you achieve efficient independence and rapid scalability. We’re passionate about our customers’ success, so we work hard to give you more. We live by our core values and enjoy being an ally for other ethical businesses.

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People come first for us. We listen and ask the right questions that lead to your ideal results.

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Our Team

Our experienced team looks for new ways to solve problems, and we don’t propose cheap solutions just to win your business.

Our Customers

We work with inventors looking for a collaborative partner to grow their business, develop new products, and improve their processes.

Contract Manufacturing Services

We’re dedicated to manufacturing quality products at any stage of development that allow our customers to increase their profits.

Creative Investments for Manufacturing

We’re passionate about taking the hard stuff off your plate so you can focus on growing your business and adding value.

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