Experienced Prototype & 3D Product Reverse Engineering

3D Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Our cutting-edge 3D scanning equipment enables us to capture up to two million measurement points for a scanned component, which results in a precision of about 1.5 microns or .00006 inches. Alotech is one of the few companies in North Carolina to own and operate a 3D scanner with high-level precision. We can also bring our 3D scanning system to a customer’s site to produce 3D drawings of parts for which there is no technical data package.

After an image is captured in Solidworks CAD system, Alotech can import the solid model into a CNC machine using Cam Works to machine one or more parts, which are virtually identical to the original subject. Utilizing this level of precision in 3D scanning is also immensely beneficial to the product inspection and quality control process, as even the most minute of flaws, changes, or variances will be highlighted.

Take a Look at Our 3D Reverse Engineering Abilities

  • Reverse engineering
  • Inspection
  • Quality control
  • Production of molds and tooling
  • Product, component, assembly design
  • Rapid manufacturing

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