Water Purification Systems

Contract Manufacturing of Water Purification Systems

Alotech specializes in helping customers who design, develop, and market custom water purification systems (WPSs) with contract manufacturing services. With proven turnkey design and build services, we fabricate WPSs to meet each customer’s unique specification in collaboration with the customer’s engineering team. Water purification systems produced by us come in an array of sizes and capacities. Alotech has produced a wide range of water purification systems, including models which are highly portable, can be operated using solar, DC, or AC power sources, utilize a variety of filtering technology, are easy to operate, and offer incredible reliability. Features, designs, and options include portable backpack and case models, wall-mounting systems, storage tanks options, remote monitoring, multi-tap dispenser options, and much more.

Our WPFs have been used in remote countries globally. We’ve also produced rainwater collection and treatment systems used by Yale University, the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Military, the American Red Cross, and the United Nations.

Prototyping & Value Engineering Services

Altotech offers custom water purification system contract manufacturing services. Our contract manufacturing customers benefit from our value-engineering reviews, which enable us to ensure their resulting water purification products meet the desired level of quality while remaining cost effective. This is achieved by utilizing components with shorter lead times, lower costs, or greater durability as well as finding design and production methods which enhance quality or reduce cost.

Alotech also delivers prototype development services for new water purification products followed by first-article production to provide manufacturing processes which meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

Benefits of Alotech's Custom Water Purification System Manufacturing

To date, Alotech has manufactured over 1,000 water purification systems, giving us extensive experience to complement our top-quality in-house machining, welding, and fabrication capabilities. Alotech excels at building to the plans and specifications developed by our customers’ engineering teams, and we also lend our own engineering and production expertise to achieve the most professional-looking and functional results possible.

Alotech also has the engineering abilities needed to design, develop, and integrate water purification system monitoring and control systems to enhance the capabilities of the resulting water purification systems significantly. Additionally, Alotech has the logistics capabilities necessary to deliver orders large and small, with the option to establish an annual order quantity and then produce products by periodic release orders.

Our inventory and shipping experts package and catalog all water purification systems for direct shipment to our customers’ end users, labeling all products, shipping materials, and containers with the customer’s name or logo.

Alotech's Contract Manufacturing Certification & Compliance

Alotech complies with all EPA regulations related to the fabrication and production of water purification systems. Our panel shop is registered UL508A and has the ability to engineer, produce, inspect, and test water purification system control panels and panel enclosures. With an ISO 9001:2008-certified management system, Alotech also holds company and distributor registration number 091297 with the EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

Alotech’s goal is to handle the quality manufacturing of our customers’ water purification systems, enabling the to focus on marketing, distribution, and ultimately, further innovation and invention.

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