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Prototyping & Product Development Capabilities

Product development and inventor services are the perfect way to bring your designs to life for prototyping, development, proofs-of-concept, and more. At Alotech, we can even serve as our customers’ development partner for early-stage projects. Customers will also benefit from our 3D scanning capability. Our cutting-edge 3D scanner captures up to two million measurement points for a scanned subject, resulting in a precision of about 1.5 microns or 0.00006 of one inch.

We start with a mutual non-disclosure agreement ensures total confidentiality and peace of mind to everyone involved in our collaboration. Then, we have a consultation to determine your prototyping and product development goals and requirements. In the event that we are not the best fit for your prototyping needs, we will do our best to recommend your best course of action.

Take a Look at Our Prototyping & Product Development Abilities


  • Engineering and design
  • High-precision 3D scanning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Flexible, short-run production

3D Scanning Applications

  • Quality control and inspection
  • Mold and toolmaking
  • Design
  • Rapid manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering

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