Do You Match Up?

when investment meets creative growth is exponential

Creative Investments for Manufacturing

Does your company matchup?
  • You are a small company with a niche product that’s experiencing growth with at least 12-24 months of prior sales.
  • You’re ready to increase your sales by several orders of magnitude.
  • You prefer to use your capital for sales & marketing efforts instead of spending it on manufacturing space, equipment, management, production workers, materials and finished goods inventory, etc.
  • You prefer not to obtain additional capital at the cost of reducing your equity in your business.
  • You enjoy partnering with like-minded people who are passionate about growing your business.
Solutions Alotech can Provide:
  • We can help you increase cash flow, reduce overhead, focus on marketing, sales and increase your profits by:
  • Purchase of your existing inventory.
  • Purchase of raw material, finished goods and distribution.
  • Unit price manufacturing that gives you a fixed cost.
  • In-Stock inventory that will let you ship immediately and reduce the lead times which will increase customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Avoidance of receivable factoring or high interest financing.
  • We provide coaching in strategic planning to prepare your company for growth.
  • We help in preparing your company to seek private investments.

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