Alotech – Most Important Meeting in NC

“Goldston based Alotech celebrates expansion” by Mike Gates, Chatham News/Record, March 26, 2015.

Goldston-based Alotech celebrated its recently expanded frontiers with an open house last Wednesday, which included a tour of its 208,000 square-foot facility.

…..the highest praise came from NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, who attended the open house. “I think I’m at the most important meeting in North Carolina today,” Marshall said. “We’re talking about the future”

Alotech was not a company that was just getting by or hanging on, she went on to say. Instead, it was thriving and growing in the post-recession world.

Marshall added that she hopes other industries and companies would be inspired by Alotech’s model and would lead the way to a new wave of exports and a more prosperous Goldston, a more prosperous North Carolina and a more prosperous America.TK AM Sec Marshall