Alotech, Inc.® to be on FOX Business Network®

Alotech, Inc.® to be Featured on Manufacturing Marvels®

GOLDSTON, N.C. – Alotech, Inc.®, a contract manufacturer located in Goldston, N.C. has announced the company will be presented in an upcoming production of Manufacturing Marvels®, airing on The FOX Business Network® on October 3, 2016 at 8:30 p.m. CST.

Produced by award winning producers Bob and Jerry May and narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent John Criswell, the 2-minute Manufacturing Marvels production spotlights American manufacturers in a multitude of industries.

Marvel Production Group, LLC (MPG) visited the Alotech facility on August 19, 2016 where they were introduced to contract manufacturing methods offered by the company. While on-site, MPG captured Alotech’s prototyping, limited run and full production run capabilities, showcasing Alotech’s full bundle of unique capabilities to take a product to market.

“When Manufacturing Marvels approached us about featuring Alotech, we thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to a broader market,” said Tommy Kirk, COO of Alotech, Inc.® “From smart manufacturing processes to alternative investment options, we are dedicated to helping small businesses grow. Our dedicated team is honored to be featured on The Fox Business Network.”

After its air date, the video will be featured on the Alotech, Inc. website and YouTube channel. For more information about Alotech, Inc, call 919-774-1297 or visit their home page.

About Alotech, Inc.

Alotech, Inc. is a contract manufacturer located in Goldston, NC specializing in engineering and design, fabricating and machining. An ISO Compliant company, Alotech, Inc. delivers globally serving US inventors, entrepreneurs and product marketers. Alotech, Inc. specializes in taking a product to market from business model development, prototyping, design and engineering to product development, manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics. Alotech, Inc. offers creative investments for inventory and product development to help customers achieve efficient independence and rapid scalability. They partner closely with clients to understand their products, challenges and goals to then propose more efficient ideas and engineering design. For more information about Alotech, Inc, call 919-774-1297 or visit their home page.